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Through Japanese studies we help children to create a future in which they can fully use their abilities.

Support for children who connect Japan and other countries.

Chikyukko Class is a Japanese class for children from foreign countries. It will help them to make friends, understand the classes at their regular school, and enjoy living in Japan. Different lessons are scheduled during the spring and summer breaks to complement schoolwork in addition to regular Japanese lessons. You can join at any time. Please contact us to observe a lesson.

The classes are for any children who are enrolled in regular elementary or middle school.
No. You can attend even if you can only speak your native language.
Students will learn using material created by the teachers. Teachers will also choose material to fit individual students’ needs. We make learning subjects such as social studies, science, and math easier and fun.




Class is held on every Saturday.

Class is held each Saturday at the same location. This makes it easy for students to attend.


Classmates share a similar background.

Students who have similar backgrounds study together. The environment is supportive and communal.


Learning is catered to each student.

Teachers create a curriculum according to each student’s progress.


“You will have many classmates” “Accepting applications for staff.” 20 to 30 students study at Chikyukko Class each week.


Students from different countries are learning Japanese together.


Six to ten teachers are assigned per class. The average teacher- to-student ratio is 1 to 3.

Below is the yearly Chikyukko Class schedule and classroom numbers.
The class is generally held on each Saturday. Some exceptions apply.
Classes are also offered during spring and summer breaks.

You can observe a class first.

Please contact us in advance to make an appointment. You can observe class at any time.

Come observe a class!

Talk with your family and enroll if you like.