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Professional, experienced, and certified teachers provide quality lessons.
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Enjoy living and working in Japan! You can find a perfect class for learning Japanese.

Are you feeling frustrated by not having enough time to study Japanese? Not sure how you can improve your Japanese skills? If so, please come learn with us. The Japanese Class at NPO Chikyu-Gakko is offered at an affordable price and taught by experienced and certified Japanese language teachers.

Anybody who would like to learn Japanese.
We offer beginner to advanced-level classes, including everyday Japanese and business Japanese.
We have three types of lessons as follows. Please contact us if you are interested in a particular type of lesson.


Three types of lessons

You can choose from three types of lessons to suit your needs.


We offer a wide range of levels from everyday Japanese to Business Japanese

We offer different levels so you can choose lessons according to your needs, whether you want to master Business Japanese or learn everyday Japanese.


We now offer lessons via Skype!

On-site lessons are offered so you can have your lessons at your office. Lessons through Skype are also available.

Customized Lesson
Private / Group
Improve your Japanese with lessons catered to your schedule, level, and goals. Thorough one-on-one instruction is given at the Kanagawa Kenmin Center, conveniently located near Yokohama Station.
  • want to study Japanese at their own pace
  • want to be ready for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • want to study after work
  • want to practice job interviews
  • want to learn Japanese as much as possible during a short stay in Japan

Date and Time

You can consult with your instructor and decide your lesson date and time.

Lesson Fees: (Private)

One 2-hour lesson 4,000 yen
One 1.5-hour lesson 3,000 yen
New tuition “3,300 yen” October 1st, 2019

*Please note that the monthly lesson fee must be paid in advance.
*If you’d like to take a lesson with your colleague or friend, you can take group lessons at a discounted fee.

Lesson Fees: (Group)

A two-hour Lesson with 2-4 students 3,000-yen/per student

How to enroll


Please click here to see the frequently asked questions.

Classroom Lesson
Would you like to study Japanese with people who have goals similar to yours? Studying with others can be encouraging and motivating. Special classes are held occasionally to prepare for exams such as JLPT.
  • Recommended for people who want to study Japanese with friends or colleagues.

1) Kanji Café (you can start at any time)

Date and Time: Every Saturday 1:30PM – 3:30PM (You can come and go as you like during the class)
Location: Kanagawa Kenmin Center 10th floor
Fee: 500 yen per day or 5,000 yen for 11 days

Class description:
Study kanji on your own. We will help you with any questions you may have. Then take a quiz. If you pass the quiz, you can move on to the next level. Thus, you can improve your understanding of kanji.

2) Preparatory course for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N2 and N3

The course opens in February and September.
Date and time: Every Saturday, 14:00PM – 16:00PM
February course fee: 40,000 yen for 20 classes
September course fee: 24,000 yen for 12 classes
A free sample exam is included.

・The fee must be paid in full in advance. If you enroll in the course after it has started, the fee is 2,000 yen per class.
・The course requires a minimum of 5 students. If the minimum requirement is not met, the course may not be held.
・Please contact us if you are planning to take the N1 test.

How to enroll


Please click here to see the frequently asked questions.

On-site Lesson
In addition to the lessons held at Kanagawa Kenmin Center, teachers can also visit you at locations such as your office, nursing homes or an employee’s home. On-site Lessons are limited to the Yokohama area.

Recommended for those who can’t commute
regularly or want to learn remotely.


- Business Japanese lesson cover topics such as how to talk on the phone, how to take notes, making inquiries, asking questions, how to say thank you or apologize, consultation, giving and receiving advice, etc.
- Advanced level Japanese (use of honorifics, how to make a presentation in Japanese, etc.)
- Japanese lessons held at nursing homes